Winter News – Finally Some Winter News from Our Kite team

Winter News – First Kitesurf Session 08.03.2018
April 3, 2018

Winter News – Finally Some Winter News from Our Kite team

Winter News

Finally some Winter News from our kite team. Looks like they have been enjoying the winter months to the fullest!

Samir, Marko and Janin decided to escape the cold and snow and have spent three windy months managing a kite school at the so called "Dream Spot" in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. It's been some exciting weeks with a good but crazy mix of different experiences... From 30 degrees and pretty windy every day to strong monsoon rains and leaking staff rooms. Some encounters with different kind of insects and animals (snakes, scorpions and stingrays, to mention some). Excursions with 4x4 or boat and downwinders to amazing spots. All part of their daily kite life. However, if we hear between the lines we can't avoid getting the feeling of that the saying is true: "To be away is well and good, but home is where the heart is";).

The rest of the crew has continuously bombed us with amazing winter pictures from different ski resorts around the Balkans. Did you know that Montenegro offers some of the best and wildest off piste routes and freshest powder in Europe?

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