Core Kiteboarding gear on it’s way to Montenegro

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April 16, 2018
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Core Kiteboarding gear on it’s way to Montenegro

Premium partner Core Kiteboarding

In less than a month the season kicks off here in Ulcinj. And guess what, we just picked up the brand new kite gear from our premium partner CORE Kiteboarding on Fehmarn in Germany. On board we have:

GTSs, XRs and of course the brand new NEXUS for you to test.

Also Samirs newborn baby daughter Eira can’t wait to finally get some wind in her hair 😉

What’s CORE Kiteboarding all about?
CORE kites are designed in Germany. They consciously say no to yearly release cycles and short lived products. Instead they take their time to develop high end kite surf gear with experienced kiters and test them thoroughly worldwide. This allows them to deliver the highest performance, safety, quality and service in the market.

The GTS is Core’s all-in-one freestyle kite, while the Core XR5 is their freeride kite. The Section is dedicated for waves and the Impact is a pure c-kite for unhooking and kiteloops.

The all-new Nexus inherits many of CORE’s best innovations including its linear power leivery, three strut frame and the radical reaction tips from the GTS. CORE says, “it’s a multi-talented kite that is never too cool to learn a new trick”. We can’t wait to test it!!:)


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