Picture of the Month: the First Kitesurf Love

Heike Wycisk kitesurfing in Montenegro
Heike Wycisk kitesurfing in Montenegro
August 3, 2018
Summer Love – Video from Pacha Surf Beach
February 24, 2019

Picture of the Month: the First Kitesurf Love

Kitesurf Lessons and First kitesurf love

July has passed and we are so happy that we have been able to carry out plenty of kitesurf lessons and to teach so many of you kitesurfing. Thus, we’ve picked this month’s picture to represent the joy a person can feel when finally being able to fly.

Again, our instructor Meriton is a part of the picture of the month. But only a part;) The main attraction here is his student Clementine from France. She came together with her family for five days with one goal: To learn how to kitesurf. And boy, were they motivated and persistent!

They had a bit of bad luck the first days with some thunderstorms rolling over the country. But then, Ulcinj showed itself from its great, sunny and windy side. Clementine needed just a few kitesurf lessons (not even 5!) before she had her first attempts with kite and board. And shortly after she was up riding back and forth. Her sister, brother and father showed the same skills and were all up riding before leaving home to France. We should also mention that her father didn’t even speak English but still managed to learn how to kitesurf. And now you’re probably thinking, what was mum doing? Tanning? No… When she was not taking pictures, mum provided water and food on the side-line, for her children and husband to keep on even longer.

We take our hats off for this sportive cool family and look forward to seeing you back next year!

Cheap flights from France
By the way, if you’re from France, there are cheap direct flights from Paris or Lyon to Tivat. Transavia France takes you from Paris, while Easy Jet is your airline from Lyon. Prices are around 50 EUR to 80 EUR per way. The season lasts until mid September, so you can still have a go and learn how to kitesurf already this season;)

First kitesurf love

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