Heike Wycisk kitesurfing in Montenegro

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Heike Wycisk kitesurfing in Montenegro

Heike Wycisk kitesurfing in Montenegro
Heike Wycisk - pro kitesurfer, yoga lover, endurance expert, creative artist and painter and much more…

Kitesurfing in Montenegro

Since a month, we’ve had the pleasure to astonish Heike Wycisk, former German champion in kitesurfing, riding at our spot. If the wind is on, Heike is on the water. One jump here, another jump there, catching a wave now and then, full of power and energy. It’s amazing and inspiring to watch and it seems like she never gets tired. During the morning hours (if you ever are up that early) you can see Heike running or biking around exploring the area of Ulcinj. Or practicing yoga or Tai Chi somewhere outside.

However, Heike is not only into sports. She runs her own company "Surf Your Brain”, offering a unique brain and body training. She coaches persons in finding, recognizing and building their personal strengths in both working and private contexts.

On top, she is an artist and painter. Before coming here, she decided to place some of here pictures on clothes to see how that works. And out of this idea a new clothing brand developed. T-Shirts, tank tops, pullovers and bags, made from ecological material and hand painted by Heike herself. If you would want your own special “Surf Your Brain” item, just contact us in the bar. Here you can see and try everything on, if you like.

And if you are interested in your own personal coaching (body and/or brain!) with Heike, give her a wink – she’s here until … the answer you can see below, as we made a short interview with this very special lady:

Heike, why did you decide to come to Montenegro this summer?

I love to discover new places. Over and over again, I’m amazed with the beauty of our planet. It might seem a bit kitschy, but this is the way I always feel. My good kitesurfing friend, Anne Valvatne, has been talking so highly about Montenegro since years now, so in the end the travel with the car to Montenegro and the idea of staying for a while was like a seducing thought that simply didn’t leave my mind. No sooner said than done, here I am, working remote during the summer months for bgis creative ingenieurs – my boyfriend and longtime partners’ company. Logically, next to working remote, I get time to kitesurf, bike, run, do yoga and Tai Chi, go for some explorer tours and much more.

What do you think about Montenegro and Ulcinj?

Montenegro is so incredible diverse. A mind-blowing number of facets for such a small area. The ocean with its wild cliffs and rocky coves, the dark sandy beach in Ulicnj and the impressive dark mountains in the back country. The nature is so untouched and pristine and has such a magical calming effect.

Ulcinj is a small town, with narrow streets in the hills surrounding an idyllic bay. This place is incredible crowded with tourists during the summer months. Obviously, everyone wants a piece of this place. But those who get up early or go by bike will have no problems to explore this charming little town in peace and quietness by themselves.

Certainly, there are also some things in this country that we don’t like, but the beautiful and positive impressions prevail by far. The Montenegrins are all incredible warm-hearted and open minded. It’s not uncommon for someone to spontaneously invite you for a coffee after a short conversation on the street. And as a women you can travel around alone without worrying. I find that incredible comfortable. And the best of it all: The sunset and sunrises! I can’t get enough of it!

Are you enjoying kitesurfing here?

While kiting on the long beach between Ulcinj and the Albanian border you have an unbelievable view of the “black” mountains in the back country, which has given the country its name. Soooo beautiful!

Normally the wind starts in the afternoon, thus there is enough time for other activities during the mornings. I enjoy the mornings filled with different activities, then mostly some explorer tours around in Ulcinj or I’m working. Wi-Fi is everywhere, so it’s not a problem to work remote.

For kite beginners and for Hydrofoilboards the spot is great, as the wind is constant and not too stark. You will also find several kite schools equipped with rescue boats. So it’s a very safe spot;) And the climate is just perfect. Kiting in shorty or bikini… a dream!

How long are you staying?

I will probably stay around 3 months… Let’s see!

“Surf Your Brain”, a brilliant name! What’s the story behind?

The name came to me, so to say. I often experience that we make life unnecessarily difficult, we follow our sorrows and thoughts too much instead of our feelings. We always want (financial) safety, instead of letting life to surprise us. Though life always wants the best for us. For a while I also found myself clinging to this safety, but it didn’t make me happy. I want life to surprise me more, to trust in that…and follow my enthusiasm. And maybe this might lead to others daring to do the same… Well well, along this way the name “Surf Your Brain” occurred… And the future of “Surf Your Brain”? I’ll let life surprise me:)

We’ve heard you turn 50 in November. Can you reveal your recipe for staying this fit and still looking like you’re 30?

Now you make me laugh. Then this numer 50 doesn’t really mean a thing to me. Right now I think… wow, 50 years of incredible experiences and more to come. And I just feel it’s getting more and more incredible!

My recipe? I can only speak for myself: trust in life, do what makes you happy, listen to your body and treat it well. Discover the world and let it amaze you. Dare to do things…even if it’s just small things. There is no right and wrong. Trust your feeling…

Have a look and find your own personal "Surf Your Brain" piece of clothing:

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